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Juergen R. Schreiter / Jürgen Schreiter (born in Frankfurt am Main, Germany) is the founder and CEO of SMS Frankfurt (agency for digital media and event support) established in October 1989.

January 2006
Juergen Schreiter did (officially) start the second unit of SMS Frankfurt (tours already took place early 2000) which is specialized in individual tours, event and incentives. Concentrated on adventures and incentives in eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia. All tours are accompanied with a guide and translator as well as security, if necessary.
You find more about Juergen’s travel and adventure unit here:
www.Incentives-Worldwide.com | www.VodkaTrain.eu


Juergen Schreiter is also founder of Cannibal Couture Clubwear which got already famous for its spectacular and crazy ideas, even companies like Benetton pay attention to his design work!!!
Since 2012 Cannibal Couture Clubwear became a sub-label of Bembeltown | Design and more… thus was created by Juergen already in the late 80’s and is a fashion and design label for regional fashion and design souvenirs and also his registered trademark. Bembeltown stands as a nickname for Frankfurt and comes from “Bembel“ which is a pottery jar for Applewine (the local cider).
You got interested in Bembeltown | Design and more…
www.Bembeltown.com | www.Bembeltown.Spreadshirt.de


One more online-network belongs to SMS Frankfurt Group.

MICEmedia-online.biz is an independent press- and media-service for the MICE- and tourism business.
Since March 2012 they provide also YouTube news and hotel/venue videos. If you are from the hotel- or travel business and you would like to have your videos posted in social media, simply send your videos to MICEmedia-online. Publishing your video in social media is free of charge.
You can also book advertisments on their business website and YouTube channel. For further details and prices, please contact:

c/o SMS Frankfurt
Höfer Weg 52
61184 Karben (near Frankfurt)
info et sms-frankfurt.com

More MICEmedia-online press channels are on – Twitter.com 
and also on Facebook.com

MICEmedia on Youtube: 
EASTmedia-online.biz (closed March 2020)
Eastmedia-online did provide quality stock photography at the most affordable prices.

Check out the categories to the left or use the above search box to search for the photos you need. EASTmedia-online is specialized in Eastern Europe, Russia, Central Asia, Silkroad and all along the Trans-Siberian-Railway, but there is also a wide range of other countries and themes provided as well.