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Frankfurt Souvenirs – Gift Shops in Frankfurt
Visiting Frankfurt and looking for the right gift shop can be difficult if you don’t know where to go and not getting into a tourist trap with only fake souvenirs from China.
I have some suggestions for you from a local Frankfurter.

You are looking for authentic souvenirs and gifts from Frankfurt and the state of Hesse, I can recommend a couple of real good places to go…

No. 1 Choice, but not in downtown Frankfurt would be Bembeltown – Der Bembel Shop located in Frankfurt Bockenheim in the very west of Frankfurt. Here you find the largest selection of most authentic souvenirs, from beer mugs to bembel jars, different applewine, cider and many more specialities from the region – especially from the Wetterau.
Beside all the nice souvenirs Bembeltown also offers a nice collection of Oktoberfest fashion, Dirndl, Lederhosen and Trachten.
Even celebrities like Ed Sheeran did get on of Bembeltowns original Lederhosen – You find more here: www.FrankfurterTrachten.de

How to find Bembeltown
Bembeltown Design and more | Bembel Shop
Tilsiter Strasse 10
60487 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49-69-90 55 06 13
Facebook & Instagram

More about Bembel, German pottery and authentic ceramics you find here – Der Bembel Shop am Römer
This tiny but very nice shop is located in the very heart of Frankfurt Old Town, just between Frankfurt Römer and Paulskirche.

You find Bembel Shop an Römer here:
Bembel Shop am Römer
Braubachstrasse 37
60311 Frankfurt am Main
Phone +49-69-97 94 40 33
Facebook & Instagram

Just about 300-400 meters apart from Bembel Shop am Römer you should also have a look at s’Fachl Frankfurt
Here you find not only typical souvenirs and gifts but also nice table decoration and accessories as well as some specialities and spirits.

Must visit in Frankfurt
s’Fachl Frankfurt
Berliner Strasse 32
60311 Frankfurt am Main

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