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Glacier 3000 Run 2015 Gstaad

Welcome to the “Run of the Alps”
The 8th Glacier 3000 Run and Gstaad Kids Run will take place on Saturday, August 8, 2015. The racecourse passes through a beautiful alpine landscape offering both runners and spectators many spectacular views.

Eight years ago I was one of the few couple of hundred participants who did the first edition of the Glacier 3000 Run and at the same time one of my hardest races ever. Imagine this is only a 26km mountain race… My finishing time was about 4hrs!!! A time I usually easy finish already a Marathon and even for my first Jungfrau Marathon I finished in 4:12hrs.

To give you an impression here is the link to the race course: Route/Map Glacier 3000 Run

Anyway, the Glacier 3000 Run in Gstaad is one of my favorite mountain races and you should mark it in your calendar.

Glacier 3000 Run Video

Between the starting point on the Gstaad Promenade at 1’050 meters and the finish line at Glacier 3000 (2’950 meters) lie 26 kilometers. The “Run of the Alps” course profile shows an altitude gain of just over 2’000 meters (+ 2’015 m / – 115 m) with the steepest part of the run beginning after 15 km. The varying terrain ranging from asphalt, forested trails, and meadows to ice and snow in the high alpine areas offers a great variety for runners, but is still a challenge for most well trained athletes. The unique glacier crossing will guarantee for an adrenaline kick. From there runners can see the Scex Rouge mountain station and know they are close to the finish line.

Nordic walkers will begin their route at Oldenegg (next to the station) at 11.30h. The trail up to Scex Rouge includes a steep climb and glacier crossing with an altitude gain of 1’031 meters.

After the last climb and then crossing the finish line, runners have a chance to „catch their breath“ and relax. It’s a chance to share stories on the race experience, to celebrate one’s performance and to enjoy the fantastic alpine panorama.

It will be interesting to see which top athletes will be at the start on August 8th in Gstaad. Presumably, also winners from previous years will try to set a new course record. Among the women runners, the focus will be on Daniela Gassmann Bahr, if she decides to compete at Glacier 3000 again. If she does, she has a good chance of winning for the 6th time in a row. It remains to be seen, which runners will be competing against her. We are confident it will be another exciting run this year.

„Running is lots of fun and it connects people“. As event organizers, we would like to have a lot of runners competing in the race and expect lots of spectators at the „Run of the Alps“ along the course from the valley floor to the mountain top.

If this is the Mountain Race for you – You can register here:
RACE REGISTRATION | Glacier 3000 Run

In comparison – here some impressions of the hardest part at Jungfrau-Marathon (Interlaken/Kleine Scheidegg).