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Jürgen R. SchreiterThe exclusive Interview with HF Tours

An Explorer, An Adventurer and Extreme Sport Lover

Juergen R. Schreiter working on experimental art,  digital and photographic artwork,  which has been changed substantially or has even been arranged and produced on the computer, in a very particular way. ”The changes of classical photography towards digital compositions allow completely new creations as well as a wider and different range of photography. The computer can be regarded not only as a tool,  but also as a new medium to present associations.“ QuickTime-movie is able to simulate vivid impressions as well as the play with shadow. What has been distributed to different objects in the exhibition,  has been put together into a video. ”With my pieces of artwork I would like to show how far objects and forms change by using different colours. The 3D-artwork is based on digital photography. By leaving a gap between picture and the covering foil,  a vivid impression is created,  which is further increased through the play with shadow,  depending on the effect of light. By using further transparent layers this effect is further reinforced.“ Apart from the  3D-artwork

For many years now Juergen works for private customer as portrait photographer and body landscape artist.

Some impressions of his work you find here www.PixelGallery.de

Spiral Channels for Peace

Working as an open minded freelance artist and photographer

After many years working as a photographer and experimental art artist Juergen Schreiter did participate in the 2016 Spiral Channels.

Juergen Schreiter\’s longtime friend and artist colleague Vlado Franjević did found a phantastic and inspirational art & peace project \”The Spiral Channels\”.

Fine artist and author Vlado Franjević born in Croatia,  living in the Principality of Liechtenstein,  started to develop the project in 2004 in Estonia. In this project were in all these years involved,  with their various contributions in real and virtual spaces,  many international artists,  and other creative people. Some of the participants are very well-known in their homelands.

Spiral-Channels Support Association from the Principality of Liechtenstein got the opportunity, by arranging and organizing the Chairman of KUNSTMEILE LONGERICH, Miss Annegret Thurn, and with the cooperation and support by Odonien, btw. its founder and owner, the artist Odo Rumpf, a next interdisciplinary SPIRAL-CHANNEL project in Odonien (from the May, 20th until June, 5th, 2016). This project of Vlado Franjevic was selected as part of the cultural event series Artist in Residence AiR Odonien 2016 (AiR Project management: Julja Schneider).

The Spiral-Channels project is the intellectual property of fine and interdisciplinary artist Vlado Franjević. The project was realized for the first time in Estonia 2004. Germany is the ninth European country where this complex work in progress will be realized. In all these project years, there were involved in it, directly or indirectly, several hundreds of international artists of various genres and categories, as well as other creatives.

The project in Cologne, Germany, will be performed under the generic title SPIRAL-CHANNELS FOR PEACE based on idea of Annegret Thurn (see on the top of this site). The issue with this will be worked there is: “From Fall of the Wall to Building of Wire-Borders”.


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